17 avril 2017

Buy your beauty product in a parapharmacy

Hi Everyone ! Today I want to talk about beauty, A lot of women don't know what product is the best for her skin. We are lost in the beauty industry. Since a long time, I tested a lot of product from Dior to Yves Rocher.. and nothing to do, my skin was still terrible... When I was a teen, I had a beautiful skin, without buttons so I feel not concerned by the skin trouble. But now my skin is not as beautiful as I expected. As spring is here and summer soon, I decided to not exposed my skin to the sun without a protection,... [Lire la suite]

29 mars 2017

The importance to be a morning person

Hi Everyone !   Like I said in my precedant post, I love moring, that is my favorite part of the day. But I know that a lots of people of my edge are more "grasse matinée" than up early.   As I don't go out the night and don't drink, I I'm going to bed early. I take with me a bedside book (On the go by Kristinna Bazan) and I fall asleep. Everybody judging me and tell me "you are like a grandma' !" or "why did you do that ! enjoy the life !" But I don't care about what people of my age can think about it, I mean, I... [Lire la suite]
27 octobre 2015

How to be glamorous in a party night ?

Hi Everyone !   Today i want to share with you some tips for being glamorous in a party night ! For the most of the girls, going in a night club is usuly at the beginning of the evening you manage to stay glamorous, however, at the end of the evening is the most total anarchy, indeed you are drunk, you walk straighter, we need you door, you do not know to speak properly and you still fall asleep in your evening gown stained any alcohol and the worst is that the next morning you have no memory of that evening and you realize... [Lire la suite]
04 octobre 2015

A glamorous routine life during winter !

Hi Everyone !  Today i want to share with you some advices for being glamorous during winter, (because i know it isn't so easy... the morning is cold, the runny nose, tonsillitis, lack of vitality... and plus ! the morning you must to prepare yourself and being pretty for going to work (make-up, hairstyle, clothes...) Winter takes a lot of vitamin and to be shaped more as summer! the evennig routine :  it is best to prepare everything the day before, at least where, as soon as you get home from work... [Lire la suite]
14 septembre 2015

Change: it starts with the dress code

Hi Everyone !  mid-September is the most difficult period! Autumn is desired, the leaves fall, the temperature drop, you feel the winter arrived, the cold ... so what's better for morale than to start a new wardrobe! we must of course adapt to the new season, to suit your taste and your personnality, you must also define your style, the accessories that will make all the difference, change our wardrobe is not that easy one might think and we must give thought it seriously: here are some tips to achieve this: what is the... [Lire la suite]
02 août 2015

pale skin: Zero goal sunburn!

Hi Everyone ! It's summer and like every year, it is not immune to sunburn! but it is possible to escape by preparing and knowing well your skin. well on sunburn are not glamorous and absolutely tries to avoid that!  some mistakes to avoid:do not rush out to the dice pancake the first rays of sunshine! the former are often harmful for your skin because it is not yet used, it must be prepared and do not stay above 3 hours non-stop sunshine! Tip: If you want to have a good foundation for the first days, I board a cure... [Lire la suite]

24 juin 2015

Glamorous holidays with your friends !

Hi Everyone !  this summer inspire me ! in my enthusiasm for the summer, this time I'll tell you how to stay when glamor spends his holidays with his band of friends, it is often not obvious between food that is often overlooked, too alcoholic evenings make us sick tomorrows, the affairs of each other lying around, a program that is not followed by any and dredges map ... it does not dreaming if it actually! but no panic I'll give you some advice to make your holiday or rewarding, fun and glamor! Find the good place ! ... [Lire la suite]
19 juin 2015

all about the secrets of French glamor

Hi Everyone !  You know i love read all the mag, and particularity when it's an English editor who speak about french fashion and beauty secret, but it's not exactly what you expect ... so I naturally decided to unveil our real secret! A french ladie is very exacting with herself ( french woman are knowing for never being satisfied ^^) food, gym, attitude, beauty, fashion...  Beauty : Everybody know that : french woman love dry her hair natural ! but it's not all... the real secret is to use a lot of product for... [Lire la suite]
16 juin 2015

Invited to a weeding !

Hi Everyone ! As each years, this season is The weeding season ! maybe you are invited to 1 or 2 or 3 weeding during summer ! and the only one question we asking us is : what can i wear ?  In first, please make your choice according to your morphology, it's essential to knowing what is right and what is wrong for you. The trend of the moment isn't necessarily what makes you the most value, but, you can accessorize with tendancy pieces like handbag, hat, or with the flowers print or shoes (pointy-toed shoes and toe... [Lire la suite]
02 juin 2015

language and attitude essential for glamor

Hi Everyone ! I post this beautiful picture of Diane Von Furstenberg 'cause for me she's THE most glamorous woman in the world, she's an exemple for all of us, her sucess, her mind, her lifestyle... In House of DVF she prouve us that she can be like a real mum for the candidate, she can be a professionnal boss, she can be a good wife ... she had always the good way, same iritated she take the time to explain and to have a conversation. Every women can taking her exemple... me the first !   Today i really want to share with... [Lire la suite]