27 mars 2017

Why I never go out in a night club !

Hi Everyone ! The title of my new post is very clear, I never go out in a night club since five years, my perception of the night world has totly changed, indeed all this people are usully drunk with bad intentions. This world is freaking out for me.   I am 25 years old and I don't have this feeling like other people. I don't need to get  drunk beacause I don't like to be without control of myself and other people can abuse me. I don't want that. The night is for me a perdition place, all the mentalaty... [Lire la suite]

27 novembre 2016

Beauty Advent Calendar !

Hi Everyone ! After a long time without posting some blogpost (for focusing about myself and my ambition) I'm back with a lots of inspiration for you ! I decided to be back at the christmas season ! I love this time, I love christmas. All this allumations, the hot coffee, the cozy and coconing atmosphere, the christmas market... I love writing my post behind the fireplace with a big cup of Latte Machiatto. Everyone like waiting for christmas with a chocolate advent calendar no matter how old we are ! But like I don't like do... [Lire la suite]
21 février 2015

Saturday in the skin of a glamorous woman !

Hi Everyone !  Today is saturday and it's the only day for go out and visting some museum, going to brunch with friends, visiting a monument, ransack shop... and when the night is comming, it's time to daning at the most nightclub trendy in your town ... Today i want to share with you a tipycal day of a glamorous woman !  This day is special because the rest of the week, she's working hard and the glamorous woman loooove her job and she is spread in her professionnal lifestyle, so, the weekend and specialy the saturday,... [Lire la suite]
16 février 2015

Which blogger we must to follow on instagram ?

Hi Everyone ! I love surfing on instagram for see all the beautiful things and beautiful peoples, beautiful landscape ... So i decided to share with you the most incredible instagram acompte on every categories : fashion, beauty, and food, and later i share with my favorite travel, landscape and animals accounts ! FASHION : number 1 :  The beautiful Kristina Bazan with "KAYTURE", she is a young ladie, talented, she win the blog lovin'award and she's the 20 most influance blogger on the wolrd,i floow her, since 2 years now and... [Lire la suite]