17 septembre 2015

Glamor in fall !

Hi Everyone !  It is important for me to enjoy every moment that life offers and enjoy it, we tend to think in the fall that has winter coming, the depression that sets in, days getting shorter ... but this is the kind of thinking that led the aigritude which makes people gasp lot, become grumpy and do indeed this season is not particularly significant. But I think we should take advantage of the beautiful autumn landscapes offer us, we must adapt our wardrobe and have fun! walking in a park, playing with the leaves with your... [Lire la suite]

28 juillet 2015

how to be glamorous in pink without looking like a Barbie girl ?

Hi Everyone !  Today we break the rules and we dare to wear pink ! there are so many shade of pink :pastel, fuchsia, candy ... of different material: lace, leather, cashmere, fluid under different forms: skirts, dresses, pentalons, jacket .. you can also wear acessoire: belt, scarf, handbag, shoes ...  Everybody can forget the MOSCHINO runway show Barbie collection : a lot of sucess of this collection, all personnality want his collection : katy perry, paris Hilton, Chiara Ferragni,... but of course here is a difference... [Lire la suite]
23 juin 2015

how to be glamorous at the beach

Hi Everyone !  sumer sumer sumer i love it ! after talking about barbecue stye and each element of nature associated with style, today I will talk about how to be glamorous at the beach! thing that is not so easy, between the sand that gets everywhere, sunburn that can catch or backpack not glamorous beach or you put another cookie and soda and ice .. . not very glamorous, and yet it all! with these tips you will finally be glamorous at the beach ! The tips number one is in the first time, your holding : it isn't because... [Lire la suite]
28 mars 2015

the glamorous woman she follows all the fashion trends ?

Hi Everyone !  This article of today is about the fashion trend, like every season, some pieces became the It for the fashionista ! but as you know maybe, to be glamorous isn't specially to be fashion victim ! The difference ? Fashion Victim arn't glamorous, we want personnality, we want originlaity, we want something of different, the little extra that will make your dress will be unique, but glamor and modern. Actually the IT of this season are: shoes with pointed toe, the fallenge rings, fur coats, blue extensions,... [Lire la suite]
16 mars 2015

spring ! here i come !

Hi everyone !  Goodbay cold, goodbye frozen, goodbey grey sky, rain... Hello beautiful Spring ! Finally, the birds singing, the days get longer, the sun that warms our skin ... but what shall we wear during this spring season? it is always difficult to find dressing up, morning is cold and afternoon it is hot, skirt or pants? sweater or blouse? pump open or close? it is without endows the most complicated period for dressing. But I can still give you some advice to guide you in your choices. Whatever your old, the... [Lire la suite]
11 mars 2015

change your hairstyle without cut or colored your hair !

Hi Everyone !  As a lot of ladies, we want ofen change our hairstyle ( it is important to change sometimes your hairstyle and to renew our wardrobe...(in the same time )) but, how changing without to cut your hair or change your coloration totally... here some tips for the style guide !  Tips 1 : And if I made a fringe ? the trouble of the fringe is to don't knowing if Yes or No you are beautiful with it... but no panic, now thanks to fringe clip ! it is easy, you're going to the fringe bar and here, you have a... [Lire la suite]
24 février 2015

women in khaki

Hi Everyone ! I'm sure everybody has seen the famous Kim Kardashian wearing Kaney West collection during New York Fashion Week, she was wearing this outfit and we are all of ok for says" that not glamorous at all ! so, i want to share with you my tips for to be classy and glamorous in khaki (even with this big hunter jacket not glamorous, it is always the custumiser, add accessories and put more value and harmony to your look)  And i start this article to make kim super feminine and glamorous jacket ! here she look... [Lire la suite]
22 février 2015

how to be a glamorous home rain Sunday ?

Hi everyone ! Today is sunday and it's rainning... so bored, we just want to stay at home on the sofa with a large coverage and a cup of cappuccino...most women in this context will not be made up, no hair and even less sexy little dress, but no worries, you can to be sexy when it's cold, rainning and it's sunday !  For much more glamorous, you forget your pilow pilow pajamas ! as it's sunday, you can't stay all the day with a large pyjamas and big socks ! all the detail of your dressing must to be choose with attention... [Lire la suite]
18 février 2015

How remain glamorous when it is very cold outside?

Hi everyone !  As you can knowing, it's cold cold cold outside in New-York, London, Paris, Milan... so, i want to share with you guys, my tips for stay glamorous under -10°C (14°F) and fortunately the (false) fur is trendy this winter ! and i'll show you how to ally comfort and fashion !  In winter we have some accessories like the gloves, scarfs, hats, leg warmers... but carrefully, always in harmony !  lesson 1 : the Hat ! he is the perfect trend accessories because you can wear it with all this piecies... [Lire la suite]