Hi Everyone !

This week, during The Queen of Shopping, the theme was "put your legs in value". During this theme, the 5 nominee choose only dress for put they legs in value, it is a good idea but not the only one, 5 nominee, 5 dresses... not really original when we know all the possibility you can have !

Always, before shopping, ask the right question :

  1. How to put your leg in value ?
  2. What are the rules to follow to avoid vulgarity ?
  3. What if i don't like my leg ?



Put our legs in value is so easy, when i saw the first day, i was so happy because, i was just dress in the theme ( a silver legging with my boyfriend's wool sweater black and white ... like a christmas pull ^^) 

Well, for anwser to the question, for put your legs in value, you must to wear somethhink of molding, short, color, print ... anything that'll make our eye'll land on legs :


For anwser to the question, the rules to follow for avoid vulgarity is : if I wear tight bottom, I put the loose top, and vice versa, if I wear the tight top, I put the large downstairs, according to your body, you need to choose how you're going to put your legs, it's that you will determine what you print the most advantage, if you are rather round, it is best to print a vertical stripe, which not only atire the eye but also refines the silhouette.

If you don't like your legs, use the rules for the last question, you can create optical illusion if you was too round, so it seems thinner, you should definitely choose the right print and choose the right pair of shoes (remember that shoes can put your legs in value as they can ruin your look, so the choice is very important with this theme )

My suggestion : 

If i was in the TV show, according to my morphology, for put my ( so small ) legs in value, i will carry a leggings cut, but elegant (no vulgarity), with pumps, the continuity of the foot in the shoe will lengthen the silhouette and you will look thinner and jump, for your top, carrefuly, nothing molding, a little pretty blouse with a short jacket fluid, a light make-up (highlighting either the mouth or eyes) and a bun for hairstyle.




legs then become fashion accessories, it is essential to stay ultrat feminine and still make a little reminder of your personality, it is interesting to play with yur mind, the most original with good idea is always a good choice : 

Some good idea from the candidates

  1. the anklet certainly more fashionable but the theme is to put his legs in value so its actually draws the eye to the legs,
  2. oil sequined body, 
  3. the ephemeral tattoo on the leg.

Now you know how to put your legs in value, and all the questions to ask the succesfully put your legs in value. 

"legs allow men to walk, and women make their way" Alphone Allais.