Hi everyone !

Today is sunday and it's rainning... so bored, we just want to stay at home on the sofa with a large coverage and a cup of cappuccino...most women in this context will not be made up, no hair and even less sexy little dress, but no worries, you can to be sexy when it's cold, rainning and it's sunday ! 


For much more glamorous, you forget your pilow pilow pajamas ! as it's sunday, you can't stay all the day with a large pyjamas and big socks ! all the detail of your dressing must to be choose with attention ! for going to work like for going to the bed, and running ... " glamorous everyday, everytime !"

  • Tips 1 : The Clothes: It's cold OK, but you can replace your pajamas by wearing sexy clothes but just as hot, I suggests you a cotton shorts with a tank top worn with matching socks and a big up-mesh jacket over ..  or else if you do not want the up socks you can wear leggings with a long tank top under your jacket of the same length as your tank, and wear uggs with this holding... If you think you are so old for wear it you can choose a legging with a big pull ( only if your hair are attached ) and uggs.




  • Tips 2 : The Hair: The most practical it is the buns, completes if you have a big scarf around the blow, hair raised allow not to feel sad because that clears you the face and you go to have a more radiant appearance, or if you aren't a scarf ( yes you can remain you scarf at home ), you can plaiting your hair, a small plait to place on the side and to pinch in the back, a big and voluminous plait on the side, a braided headband... every girl is enough to give you a healthy look and a small style to your hairstyle which makes that it is not commonplace.



  • Tips 3 : The decoration inside of your house in an influence on your morale on Sunday of rain, it is important to make to you a cozy corner (next to a fireplace, around your sofa in your lounge, you can use a it will allow you to get from you well and to feel you glamorous that ycousin in fou are ! Plead woolen either velour, a long-haired carpet, a wooden bookcaseeather or touched to velour, or with length hair prefer lamps and candles rather than the big only one polishes, you can play with the lights, the materials...





  • Tips 4 : Make-up : For stay at home you don't specialy need make-up ( yes, you are pretty without make-up ) or if really you can't to see yourself in a miror without it, you can just apply an concealer and a pink pale lipstick, natural is glamorous and to not apply some mascara and eye pencil is better for you the weekend because if you are tired, the black create shadows under your eyes and gives you even more to tire, thus the weekend, at home, have relaying your face, it's important

"When you stay at home, you must to take some times for you, your well-being is important, don't forget to be glammorous for you, you moral and your husband or boyfriend. All women are beautiful, enjoy your Sunday !"